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Surviving Your [Late] 20's

No one tells you your late 20s will be a weird transitional phase.

We know about middle school. Whew, chile. The ghetto!

Moving from high school to college, then college to “the real world”.

Fast forward to the midlife crisis, empty nesting, and “over the hill” phases.

But here I am 28 going on 29.

Not where I want to be, not where I used to be.

Right where I’m supposed to be, but wishing I was somewhere else.

Old enough to know better, young enough to not care.

Scrambling to get “established” before my new decade.

There’s a lot up in the air and it’s not exactly clear where all the pieces will land.

I reconnected with childhood friends recently and we all had the same sentiment.

Didn’t we look like babies in 2011?! LOL

The last time we were all together was freshman year of college! It was cool to pick up right where we left off - with lots of laughs and good conversation. We’re all in different stages of life. Some have children, some in relationships or single, transitioning careers, finishing school, etc. We’re 10 years older so there are also differing opinions, lifestyles, and mindsets. But that’s to be expected.

If there’s one thing I learned from our mini class reunion, it’s this - never compare your journey to another’s.

Life is going to require something different from you than it is from another in each season. Embracing your portion is easier than fighting against it.

And you can bet on this, your experiences will come in handy when someone needs you for support and vice versa.

So, don’t let comparison steal your joy.

Steward well what's in your control and pray well over what isn’t. Then you’ll see the beauty in living YOUR life.

xoxo, Kim


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