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My Word of the Month

Hey Friends,

Have you heard of having a word of the year? Your word acts as an anchor or north star to keep you focused. It’s usually centered around a certain area in life you need growth in but it can also be general. Have you chosen one for 2022? (Let me know if you want me to share mine.)

This year I’ve taken it a step further and also included a word of the month. My word each month is very specific, the catch is I don't know what it will be until I get through the previous month. There are levels to this lol.

Finding your word of the month takes intentionality and reflection and honesty. Let’s face it, there’ll always be something we have to work on but more often than not we’re just a decision or two from a breakthrough. A focus - or in this case, a word - will be the catalyst.

That said, my word for February is ‘Consistent’.

I got here because in January I was doing the exact opposite. My goals were planned and scheduled, accountability was in place but I wasn’t following through like I should have. In order to stay on track to reaching my goals by their deadlines, I have to remain consistent.

The word also acts as a reminder that my goals don’t care about my feelings. I have to learn to push through. Consistency will be the difference between my current life and the life of my dreams. Showing up is often half the battle.

Here’s what to do after you choose your word (this also works for your word of the year).

  • Search and write out the definition - You’d be surprised how much clarity a definition will bring!

  • Place it all over your home, workspace, car, etc - Make it your screensaver. Write it on your hand if you need to. The constant reminder will be accountability.

  • Track your progress - Your word won’t come without specific examples of what needs to change. It also won’t leave for the same reason. I know you’re all about progress so keep receipts of how you’ve applied your word and the new wisdom you’ve gained. You’ll be so proud to see your growth.

We all need an anchor to keep us from drifting. Your word will do that for you.

Let me know when you choose your word of the month and how it changes your life. I’m excited to hear about your growth!

Xo, Kim


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