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My Prayer for You in 2022!

If you’re reading this that means you’re intelligent, creative, tenacious, ambitious and pure fire! I know because I only hang with the best of the best! There is a special calling on your life and I’ve been praying for you!

Here’s what I asked God for on your behalf:

Lord Jesus, please bless my friends. Let this year be their best year yet spiritually, relationally, financially, emotionally, physically and beyond.

I pray their relationship with You becomes top priority and that you two will be closer than ever before. I pray you anchor them, that they learn your voice and do not follow an idol’s. Strengthen their spirit against attacks and remind them that you are ever present. Protect them from seen and unseen danger, send your guardian angels to cover them and ministering angels to comfort them. Don’t let them make the same mistakes again and again, break the cycle. Give them an understanding of the enemy’s tactics and clearer understanding of their access to You and your power. Remind them that they also have power through the Holy Spirit living in them.

As they operate in that power may they also operate in wisdom, discernment, and obedience to You. Let there never be a time where they don’t yield to the Holy Spirit. Bless them and credit them righteousness for having faith enough to trust what You say and act on it.

Your blessings are inevitable, Lord. Thank you for that! As you bring new, exciting blessings to them I pray you give them the character to sustain it. Let honesty, integrity, and truth be their life values. Let them not fumble the ball but instead take what you’ve given them and make it more beautiful and valuable. Their giftings are not by mistake. Let them flow confidently in them. May they excel in their expertise and credit You for them. Advance them to be the frontrunners and thought leaders of their industries. May they start new trends, discover new facts, create new methods. Surround them with support in every way as they progress.

Give them confidence past what they can see. Remind them that they are the blessings, they are the favor, they are the “salt”. Because they belong to You they will always have more than enough.

Lastly, I pray they have Your heart. May they care about what You care about - those in need, love, forgiveness, purity, etc. Let them take what they have, do their part to excel Your cause in the earth and do good. I pray you take them beyond this year so this time 2023 will look totally different for the better. Do what only You can Lord.

In Jesus' matchless name I pray, Amen.

xo, Kim

P.S. If you want prayer for something specific, email me at


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