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A Thanksgiving Miracle

Hey Friends!

The most amazing thing happened for my family this week!

A few weeks ago my little cousin was arrested and wrongfully charged with major counts that would have likely kept him in jail for most of his life. Lawyers quoted us $20,000+ to represent him, people we know in the criminal justice system acted really flaky, and others we hoped could or would assist turned their backs on us. He spent a month behind bars and the whole time all our family could do was PRAY!

My specific prayer was that he’d be at the Thanksgiving table celebrating with us. We were still hopeful, yet coming to terms with having to settle for a public defender when all the charges were dropped and he was released on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving! The pictures above are us hugging and together at the table with the whole family 😭 🙌🏾 Exactly what I wanted!! And get this, the name of the state attorney who approved him to be released is also Kimberly 😩 God is in the details. This is something only He could do and no one else could get the credit for.

My pastor, Mike Todd of Transformation Church has been preaching on having crazy faith to believe beyond what you can see and what’s been done before. He says to plant a seed in prayer, believe God, and watch it turn into a harvest. This is our harvest 🤍🧡 My faith is IGNITED!!!! 👏🏾 I knew God heard me, but now I’m sure He’s listening and acting on my behalf.

If you’re believing God for something specific, pray and DON’T LET IT GO! It’s going to happen!

xo, Kim


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